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Features of beach vacation in Georgia


In Georgia, almost all the seaside resorts are located in one region. They stretch one after another up to the Turkish border. Each town has its own peculiarities, and knowing them will help you choose the right place under the sun and spend a perfect vacation.

Holiday in Ureki

Ureki is a small resort with a sandy beach surrounded by a pine forest. The main characteristic of Ureki is the sand of the beach. It is unusual here – black, magnetic. Many people come here just for the wonderful properties of this sand, some to heal their joints, and some just out of curiosity. Therefore, in the hot season, the town and the beach are quite crowded.

There are enough shops and cafes in the village. Settlement in Ureki can be hotels or guesthouses, prices for housing are average in the region.

Of the peculiarities, it is worth noting the large number of mosquitoes – the legacy of drained swamps, and contraindication of rest on the magnetic sands to people with a number of diseases – asthma, oncology, tuberculosis.

Rest in Shekviteli

Rest in this village is suitable for people who are tired of the city and dream of silence. The village has a limited number of hotels and guesthouses. Even fewer shops and cafes. They are all concentrated in the center of the village. Local sandy beach with a gentle entrance to the sea, pleases families with small children, but adult vacationers to plunge with their heads, will have to try hard. The beach is not equipped, with the exception of deck chairs near the hotels, there is no water entertainment.

At the end of the village is a famous on the entire coast amusement park with amusement rides and eucalyptus park of musical figures.

Rest in Kobuleti

Kobuleti is a large village that stretches along the sea. The city beach is 12 kilometers long, pebble, equipped. Water entertainment and equipment rental are organized on the beach. Along the shore there are all kinds of cafes, restaurants and bars. It is important to know – here in the checks appear, obligatory to pay, service fee. It is 5% of the total amount of the order.

The main characteristic of Kobuleti is its layout. Three main streets run parallel to the seafront along its entire length. Therefore, no matter which street you are on, you will always be close to the sea. Along the seafront and on all three streets there are a large number of hotels and pensions of different standards. It is possible to rent an apartment or a room in the private sector.

Vacation in Kobuleti will not be boring for families with children or for young people. For children there is a lot of entertainment and playgrounds, and for adults in the evening open their doors night clubs, with hot beach parties until the morning. In the city operates public transportation, which can be moved around Kobuleti itself and in neighboring towns.

Vacation in Batumi

Batumi is the largest and brightest city on the coast. Here are the main attractions and entertainment of the region. This is a city with a developed infrastructure, where everyone will find housing and entertainment to suit their tastes and the size of the purse.

Pebble beach is wide and equipped with everything necessary for quality rest.

When choosing Batumi, you should take into account that there are a lot of people and cars in the city, and even the newcomers actively use car rental in Batumi and add noise, so rest in silence is unlikely to succeed. Prices are the highest in the region, both for accommodation and food. Service charge in restaurants and cafes is 10% and even 15%.

Living near the sea in Batumi is possible only in certain areas and for a very reasonable price. And most importantly, the city is constantly under construction, and next to an expensive hotel may be several dusty and noisy construction sites.

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