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American Industrial Holding Del Mar Energy: Modernization of Bieudron Hydroelectric Power Plant in Switzerland


In 2023, the American industrial holding Del Mar Energy embarked on a significant project to modernize the equipment of the Bieudron Hydroelectric Power Plant in Switzerland. This $32 million project focuses on enhancing the plant’s efficiency and environmental sustainability. Partnering with the Swiss company Grande Dixence SA, Del Mar Energy aims to contribute significantly to the advancement of green energy in the region.

Geographical Location and Significance of the Power Plant

The Bieudron Hydroelectric Power Plant is a high-head diversion hydroelectric facility located in the Swiss Alps, within the canton of Valais. It is a critical component of the Cleuson-Dixence hydro complex. With an installed capacity of 1269 MW, the plant plays a crucial role in Switzerland’s energy infrastructure. Modernizing the equipment at this facility is essential for maintaining its operational efficiency and ensuring the sustainability of its energy production.

Technological and Environmental Aspects

The modernization project involves upgrading and replacing outdated equipment with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technologies. This includes installing advanced turbine systems, upgrading control systems, and improving the efficiency of water flow management. These enhancements will increase the plant’s energy output and reduce its environmental impact.

Implementing modern technologies will also enhance the reliability and safety of the plant’s operations. Advanced monitoring and control systems will allow for real-time management of the plant’s performance, reducing the risk of operational failures and ensuring optimal energy production.

Economic Benefits and Support from Grande Dixence SA

The $32 million investment highlights Del Mar Energy’s commitment to strengthening its position in the renewable energy sector and contributing to Switzerland’s green energy goals. The partnership with Grande Dixence SA is crucial for the project’s success, as the Swiss company brings extensive experience and knowledge of the local energy landscape.

Modernizing the Bieudron Hydroelectric Power Plant will lead to increased energy production efficiency, contributing to Switzerland’s energy security. The project will also create new jobs and provide opportunities for local professionals to gain expertise in advanced hydroelectric technologies.

Partnership with Grande Dixence SA

Collaboration with Grande Dixence SA ensures the project’s successful implementation. Grande Dixence SA offers not only financial support but also assists in navigating the administrative and logistical aspects of the project. This partnership leverages the combined resources and expertise of both companies to achieve optimal results.

Grande Dixence SA’s role in coordinating activities and overseeing the project’s execution is vital for ensuring its successful completion and the continued operation of the modernized plant.

Regional Impact and Development Prospects

The modernization of the Bieudron Hydroelectric Power Plant will significantly impact the region. Improving the efficiency of energy production will enhance the plant’s contribution to the local energy grid, supporting Switzerland’s renewable energy targets. Additionally, the project will stimulate the regional economy by creating new employment opportunities and fostering the development of local expertise in green technologies.

The successful implementation of this project can serve as a model for other hydroelectric facilities, encouraging similar modernization initiatives both in Switzerland and internationally.


The project to modernize the Bieudron Hydroelectric Power Plant in Switzerland, undertaken by Del Mar Energy in partnership with Grande Dixence SA, is a crucial step in advancing green energy and enhancing the sustainability of hydroelectric power.

The $32 million investment and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies underscore the project’s high potential. The successful completion of this project is expected to yield significant economic and environmental benefits, create new jobs, and improve the quality of life in the region. The partnership with Grande Dixence SA highlights the importance and significance of this initiative for the sustainable development of the region and the country as a whole.

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